Independent living


IMG_8713_10perOutlook Gardens Christian Retirement Village was completed in 1992 and consists of 52 units of different designs grouped around four courtyards.  The design of the units and the general environment give an impression of cosiness and intimacy, yet each unit ensures privacy.

Christians from all walks of life and from many different denominations have found the village to provide a loving and caring community.  All units are provided with up to date features and fittings and are specially designed to make life easy and comfortable.  There are different design and layouts, size varying from 7.5 to 11 squares.
Emergency call button systems are fitted to each unit.

Village units are “resident funded” via a Licence Agreement which gives you the right to live in a particular unit for a lifetime.  A monthly Resident Service fee is also charged, which covers all outside maintenance and lighting, gardening, building insurance and internal equipment.


Licence Fee

Currently the Licence fee for a standard 2 bedroom unit is $225,000

Licence fees vary from $190,000 for a 1 bedroom unit up to $240,000 for a larger than standard unit.

When the unit is vacated, the Association will aim to secure a new Licensee as soon as possible. Following the receipt of Licence fee payable by the new Licensee, the Association will refund the original Licence fee less a “Deferred payment”, to a maximum of 30% scaled over five years.IMG_8717_10per

Residence Service Fees

Currently the Residence Service Fees are $285 per month.  This fee covers building insurance, water rates, security lighting around the village, garden maintenance, lawn mowing and external maintenance of the units.

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