What is Residential Respite?
Residential respite provides short breaks for carers and the people they care for.
Respite allows the person you care for to have a temporary stay in an aged care home where they will be looked after by experienced staff.
What are the benefits of Respite Care?
Caring for someone often comes with numerous challenges and expectations often without the opportunity to take a break for yourself.
It can leave you feeling very tired.
Regular respite breaks can help you unwind and recover. It may be difficult to accept respite but both you and the person you are caring for can benefit from the experience.

For the Person who provides Care:
· Allows time for rest and relaxation
· Gives ‘time out’ to have a holiday or visit family and friends
· Helps to restore your physical health and well-being.

For the Person Receiving Care:
· Promotes independence
· Provides an opportunity to have contact with others in different surroundings
· Encourages participation in activities.

  • Day Respite Program
    This program designed for carers who provide unpaid care to an older or frail family member to have time out or attend other activities.
    Day Respite Program offers;
  •  Social activities programs.
  • Nursing and care staff to assist with personal and medical care needs.
  • Access to allied health, hairdressing and other services can also be arranged directly with the facility.
  • Program is available Monday to Friday with flexible attendance hours.

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